Shampoo "101 Hair Shedding proof shampoo" for baldness

Shampoo "101 Hair Shedding proof shampoo" for baldness

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Product description:

Effect of the drug:


It revitalizes hair structure,

Restores color and shine,

hair care,

prevention of adverse effects on the hair of the external (water, air conditioners, radiation, ultraviolet radiation, exposure to harmful chemical materials, etc.).

Instructions for use: wet the hair with warm water, apply the shampoo evenly on hair with light massaging movements rub shampoo, rinse with warm water.

Storage: Keep out of reach of children.


In case of contact with shampoo should be rinsed with clean water in the eyes.

If in the course of using the shampoo discomfort occurs, it is recommended to stop its use and consult a specialist.

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Shampoo "101 Hair Shedding proof shampoo" - Chinese medicated shampoo is based on herbal extracts, preventing the process of balding.

Dr. Chzhanguan as a consequence of many years of study on various types of herbs found exactly which herbs are of great value for the hair.

This shampoo cleanses the pores from sebaceous plugs, which prevent follicles sprout healthy hair.

Shampoo covers scalp nourishing, moisturizing and silky plyonochku that allows open follicles and feed the necessary elements.

The shampoo also protects your hair from environmental factors such as dirty water, air pollution, electromagnetic waves, radiation and the use of styling products.

The greatest effect was observed when used in conjunction with lotions Series 101 Zhangguang (Chzhanguan).

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