1 Box of Tianhe Jingzhi Goupi Gao

1 Box of Tianhe Jingzhi Goupi Gao

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normalize heart rhythm and blood circulation;
  • resolves seal with bruises;
  • struggling with the symptoms of the common cold;
  • It has an analgesic effect;
  • used for joint pain;
  • used for bone and muscle pain;
  • used in the aching pain in the muscles;
  • used in pleurisy;
  • relieves spasms of smooth muscle;
  • relieves swelling;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • It helps with numbness;
  • indispensable for bruises, bruises;
  • locally enhances blood circulation;
  • It is used for arthritis, including rheumatoid;
  • used in intercostal neuralgia;
  • used with myositis;
  • when used myalgia.  
  • Ingredients: crude aconite Sichuan, tubers aconite Carmichael, menthol, Frima tonkokistevaya root Galang, ginger root, Stephanie roots, root Galang, tubers Corydalis, poison skin glands of toads, fruit and herb pepper red, camphor, borneol, petrolatum, salicylic acid and al.

    stick a patch on the problem;
    previously degrease the skin with warm water or an alcohol solution.
    Exposure time from several minutes to 12 hours.
    Course 10 - 20 days.
    Description: Elastic Band-Aid color from light yellow to dark yellow, with a pleasant smell.
    Features of influence of the patch:
    when overlaying the patch first feeling "cool" (the action of essential oils and herbs started)
    After the amplification of local blood circulation there is a feeling of "warmth"
    feeling can be replaced periodically, or may be general. And then, and another fine
    with increased blood flow through the skin are increasingly fed composition plaster on the sore spot
    rich blood goes to the cells and washes them by supplying food, and the place where it is needed
    It reduces inflammation, pain recedes
    energetically powerful components of the patch increase own energy cells and restore the balance of energy Yin - Yang

    aggravation of skin diseases;
    idiosyncrasy components.
    You can not just stick a patch on all points!
    The very first use of the patch sufficient 3 - 4 points, and then gradually add the number of points.
    Dog skin patch Yungzhi Gaopi Gao is a means to an ambulance and at the same time health-improving agent. Resorbable sealing helps with bruises, sprains, bruises, used for intercostal neuralgia and others. Phone orders +7 (495) 972 00 39.
    The effect is more pronounced than before it is applied.
    In chronic diseases can not be expected that the pain will go away once and for all, you must make the effort and patience. Your body will thank you for taking care of him.
    Store in a cool dark place in tightly closed containers.

    Packing: 4 patches in a plastic bag, 1 box contains 2 bags

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