Tianhe Shangshi Zhitong Gao

Tianhe Shangshi Zhitong Gao

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Shangshi Zhitong Gao used for rheumatism, joint pain, muscle pain, neuralgia, spinal lumbar pain, numbness of limbs, sprains and bruises.


  • Strong antirheumatic action;
  • Analgesic effect;
  • Stimulating blood circulation means;
  • Wound healing;
  • It is used for rheumatism;
  • Used in swollen joints;
  • Used for pain in muscles and joints;
  • Used for sprains and dislocations.

Ingredients: crude aconite root Kuznetsova, immature (unripe) aconite Sichuan, alcoholic extract of belladonna, Boswellia Carter, gum myrrh, seed chilibuha, allspice, Cinnamomum, parsnip, a root Galang, ginger medicinal salicylic acid, menthol, borneol, camphor, pine resin.


Degrease the skin with warm water or an alcohol solution;

stick a patch on the problem.

Exposure time from several minutes to 12 hours.

Rate: 10 - 20 days.


  • Should not be applied to open wounds;
  • Should not be applied to persons suffering from allergies;
  • Should not be applied during pregnancy.
  • Only for external use!
  • Used with caution in the elderly and children;
  • Possible idiosyncrasy components.

Size: 8 cm x 13 cm.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place in a hermetically sealed package.

Packing: 2 plates at a plastic bag, 5 bags in one box.

Plaster antirheumatic Shangshi Zhitong Gao / Tianhe Shangshi Zhitong used for sprains and dislocations, strong antirheumatic action, used in swollen joints.

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